Steven Hernandez

Steven Hernandez

Director of Operations / Executive Protection Specialist

Training, Counter surveillance, Intelligence gathering


Mr. Hernandez is serving as the director of operations for Professional Solutions Group. He has over nine years of operational experience working with in various private security, military and the law enforcement communities. He has dedicated himself to the protection and preservation of life, understanding selfless service. Mr. Hernandez is a U.S. Army combat veteran, who served conducting as a member of a highly trained High Value Target team. During this deployment Mr. Hernandez gained experience conducting high risk personal security detachment (PSD) operations for high ranking military members as well as High threat military operations ranging from Time Sensitive Targeting (TST) to high risk building searches all while disrupting enemy activity. While in the military Mr. Hernandez received a variety of training to further prepare for combat operations, he excelled at every level. After leaving the Army Mr. Hernandez worked as junior consultant for an Emergency Management Firm. While working for this firm he was taught how to conduct emergency management and incident command operations regarding Disasters, Terrorist Attacks, Active Shooter Incidents and other high threat incidents pertaining to the federal and private sectors.

Mr. Hernandez owned and operated a Service Disable Veteran Owed Small business to consult, train and conduct domestic security operations for High Level Clientele, creating a network of security professionals and pass performance domestically as well as internationally. While with SOL-TAC he was responsible for Operational planning and Conducted several Personal Protective Details in Michigan and elsewhere. Mr. Hernandez Coordinated High Threat protective details for several organizations. His training and experience has made him a proven leader and has given him the edge to operate discreetly and directly for client satisfaction. Mr. Hernandez has served as an intern with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to gain understanding for law enforcement operations and complex criminal investigation.

Mr. Hernandez has extensive special skills training and experience with weapons, unconventional warfare techniques, small unit tactics, defensive/offensive driving, leadership, planning, counter sniping, counter surveillance, Close Quarters Battle, hand to hand defensive skills and Protective Intelligence gathering. His ability to plan logistically and conduct protective operations is a testimony to his dedication to the protection of his country and clientele. His ability to conduct protective intelligence gathering makes him a valuable asset to any protective team. His ability to coordinate and act under pressure exemplifies his military and security experience. Mr. Hernandez is a dedicated team player.