Today’s executive and other high profile individuals are faced with ever changing security risks that require a greater level of planning, coordination, and management. Professional Solutions Group understands our clients require discreet personal protection that does not interfere with their lifestyle.

Our executive officers and employees have extensive training and real world experience providing executive protection for government officials, high net worth individuals, celebrities, executives, and other individuals who require executive protection. Professional Solutions Group is a full service company able to provide discreet, professional executive protection services designed to minimize risk while providing maximum personal protection.

Through our global network of protection personnel we can provide executive protection agents for your security needs throughout the world. Professional Solutions Group will work with you to coordinate and develop a customized security plan to meet your domestic and international security and executive protection needs. Professional Solutions Group can provide you or your organization a complete security package from a simple driver and bodyguards to corporate or special event security.

In today’s world many executives and business leaders are under-protected in light of the critical value they provide to their organizations, and the potential threats they may encounter.

In comparison, many high profile individuals do not recognize that their wealth and distinction may expose them and their families to various crimes such as robbery, extortion, and kidnapping.

With the ever increasing threats of terrorism and criminal enterprise, the potential risks to the security of these individuals and their organizations is unparalleled.
Despite these threats, many executives and high net worth individuals continue to ignore these concerns believing it won’t happen to them.

Many corporate and private security departments simply don’t have the capabilities or resources to provide full time executive protection services to their critical executives, or offer personal protection service to their high profile individuals.

Professional Solutions Group provides executive protection, threat assessment, dignitary protection and security consulting services to mitigate personal security risks.

    • Risk Assessment of threats, and vulnerabilities.
    • Advance personal security planning for domestic and international
    • Advance coordination.
    • Executive Protection services for home, office, and travel.
    • Liaison with local Law Enforcement, Security, Event personnel, and Emergency services.
    • General daily security and protective services.
    • Private aircraft security.
    • Executive bodyguards and executive protection agents
    • Trained and skilled drivers.
    • Intelligence Gathering regarding event, participants, risks, etc
    • Site visits and coordination.
    • Interaction with media and public for events
    • Corporate and Event Security, Planning, and Coordination.


Professional Solutions Group maintains a core group of executive protection agents and an extensive network of highly trained executive protection agents for your security needs throughout the United States and most parts of the world.

Our agents are former or current law enforcement officers or military personnel trained and experienced in dignitary protection. They are professional, discreet, highly trained individuals capable of providing executive protection to you and your family in any circumstance.

Located in Michigan, Professional Solutions Group is company capable of meeting your private security, executive protection or private investigation needs in most locations throughout the world. Contact us today to discuss your executive close protection and corporate security needs.

Our Executive Protection Agents also known as bodyguards have extensive training and real world experience providing VIP protection services around the world.

We are a full service company able to provide discreet, professional protection services designed to minimize risk while providing maximum personal protection.


When it comes to your security, Professional Solutions Group will not only meet your needs but exceed them, providing you with unparalleled personal protection services. We recognize that not all assignments are the same and can tailor our services to meet your individual needs and budgets. Our bodyguard agents are experienced in providing this critical service discretely and professionally to keep you and your family safe.

Professional Solutions Group has elite agents that can handle all your protection needs long or short term. When it comes to your safety and protection, experience and training matters and we have it! Our bodyguard or executive protection agents have protected individuals, private families, celebrities, dignitaries, executives, witnesses, C-level executives, and various others. When it comes to your safety we are simply the best!