Are you looking for a professionally trained security driver rather than the standard Taxi or Limousine service? Whether it’s a trip from the airport, moving from home to office, or transporting you and your valuables from one location to another, we are prepared to move you safely.

All of our executive drivers are highly trained in advanced driving techniques and have attended an advanced driving school, such as Vehicle Dynamics Institute (VDI). We have thousands of hours behind the wheel providing secure transportation to our customers. Many of our drivers are former Law Enforcement or Military who have proven experience driving in some of the most perilous environments around the world and securing some of the most important assets as well.

security driver detroit michigan, a company may want to provide their top executives with Executive Protection / Bodyguard Services due to security concerns or insurance requirements. However, they sometimes are faced with resistance by the executives themselves who fear an intrusion of their privacy. While this may seem like a stalemate, we can provide other solutions. For example a chauffeur trained in Executive Protection skills & Security Driving, or a personal assistant trained in the same skills. Professional Solutions Group is able to provide both, discreet or non-discreet personal protection.

  • Our Security Drivers can assist you with the following services:
    • VIP Transport services
    • Armed Security Driver
    • Un-Armed Security Driver
    • Trained Evasive Driver
    • Executive Protection Driver
    • Secure Transportation
    • Asset Security
    • Executive Chauffeur
    • Convoy Protection
    • Secure Assets Protection


Our Executive Protection Drivers and chauffeurs are held to a high standard within the industry, and are trained in security and safety techniques. Our drivers are also trained in Executive Protection techniques, Surveillance, Surveillance Detection, Counter Surveillance, Defensive Driving, First Aid, CPR, Evasive Driving and Anti-ambush techniques.

We offer the best Security trained drivers in Michigan to keep you and your family safe. Our executive drivers are trained in accident avoidance, Protective & Evasive driving in both sedan’s and SUV’s including armored vehicles.

As an added bonus we can also assist you in hiring a Security trained driver anywhere around the world.

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Professional Solutions Group employs the best of the best Security Drivers to offer you peace of mind when it comes to your security and the security of your asset. The transportation can be tailored to your needs depending on the importance of your asset. We can employ a variety of methods to help secure your assets.

  • Secure Assets Transportation services:
    • Armed or Un-Armed Driver
    • Standard or Armored vehicle
    • Escort vehicle
    • Specially trained Security Escort team
    • Real time GPS monitoring of transport vehicle including Geo Fencing
    • Real time GPS monitoring of your Personnel including panic alarm
    • HD cameras fitted to transport and escort vehicles to record movement
    • Threat assessment and Law Enforcement Liaison

  • Types of Assets we protect:
    • Jewelry
    • Fine Art
    • Antiques
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Cash / Money
    • Commodities
    • And more.

Services may be tax deductible refer to: Treasury Reg. 1.132-5 (a) – “Working condition fringe” is any property or service provided to an employee of an employer to the extent that, if the employee paid for the property or service, the amount paid would be allowable as a deduction. If the requirements listed under 1.132-5 (m) are met, the value of special security features on an automobile, the bodyguards, and the bodyguard/chauffeurs are excludable from gross income for executives. However, it is important to closely read and follow the rules of this section because one mistake can be costly.

For more information on this, read this excellent article on Security Driving by Joe Atura from VDI.

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