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Security Guard Services designed around You…

Serving the larger metro Detroit area & Southeast MI

As the leading veteran owned security guard service in Michigan, Professional Solutions Group understands how important your personal or business security is.

Having the right security team on your side when it really matters, a team with the right experience and professional dedication to avert threats and protect you at all costs, brings peace of mind and and allows you to shift focus to the other important aspects on your business, or life.

Professional Solutions Group offers a wide range of security guard services designed to meet your personal, commercial, industrial and residential security needs. From perimeter security, to bodyguard services, to event security and home protection, our security guards are fully trained to assure your protection.

Security Guard Services for your Business

Today’s security threats require serious responses by capable professionals who are able to protect your employees and property. Professional Solutions Group recognizes that one size does not fit all and is prepared to custom tailor a security solution that will fit your needs. Whether your needs are armed or unarmed guards in uniform or plain cloths we are prepared to provide you with quality service.

Our security guards are trained and have the right experiences to assure the safety of a range of locations, from retail, to manufacturing, to events. However, their service goes beyond the obvious. You can trust them not just to detect and deter criminal activity and protect from imminent threats, but to proactively use their experience in the field to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities and implement prevention strategies that reduce your security risks, protect your assets and increase your bottom line.

Private security guards for construction sites, warehouses, parking lots, retail businesses, storage yards, hotels, apartment complexes, estate security parties, weddings, events, special events, manufacturing facilities, industrial, medical & office buildings and more. Serving the larger Metro Detroit area and Southeast Michigan.

Personal Security Guards

Peace of mind for you or your family is only a phone call away. There’s nothing more stressful for anyone that knowing that them or their loved one may be in harm’s way. Choose peace of mind with a professional security guard from Professional Solutions Group.

Our personal security guards are some of the best in the industry and have years of experience protecting individuals and their families under all kinds of circumstances. From assuring the security of a home, a family, a minor, a VIP or a private event, our trained guards have the experience to handle situations for the best possible outcome.

Most of our security guard are former military or police officers. They have the training and field experience to know when a threat is imminent and the right steps to take to assure your safety, and minimize stressful situations.

Why Security Guards from Professional Solutions Group

Choosing the right security company is a matter that deserves your full consideration. A single incident can forever change the course of a life, or a company. Professional Solutions Group works closely with you not just to ensure your protection, but to implement measures that prevent incidents from occurring. Our philosophy is one of risk aversion. This is where our experience comes into practice. Our security guards have the experience and the support from our knowledgeable team to put into practice threat aversion protocols that will allow your business to run unobstructed, while fully protecting your personnel, clients and assets.

In the event of an incident, our trained security guards know the right steps to minimize losses. This comes from training, and experience in the field. Making the right decision in an instant takes a certain type of person. When choosing a security guard from Professional Solution Group, you can rest assured, you get just the right person for your needs. We select and train our security guards with the outmost care, and we feel confident they are the best in the industry.

Contact us today to find out more about our Security Guard Services and why Professional Solutions Groups is the right choice for you!  Professional Solutions Group can handle all your Security Guard Services, including both armed and unarmed personnel.

Current client base includes retail, apartment complexes, office buildings, industrial complexes, pharmacies and more, in Detroit Metro areas and vicinity, including Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Livonia, Westland, Northville, Farmington, Novi, Birmingham, Troy, Bloomfield and more.