security guard services michiganACTIVE SHOOTER RESPONSE TRAINING COURSE

The strength of the Active Shooter Response Training Course is a training philosophy that rests on the fact that the first officer on the scene of an active shooter incident is the foundation for the successful mitigation of the crisis. PSG reverses traditional instruction by focusing on the tactics and strategy utilized by the individual officer first before progressing to team concepts.

Our Active Shooter Response training approach is especially effective for a small agency response and school liaison officers that may lack the immediate manpower to utilize full team response methods.

  • Methods of instruction include:
    • Response procedures and equipment considerations
    • Arrival assessment & strategy
    • Solo officer response
    • Paired officer response
    • Team integration, formation & tactics
    • Room entry & clearing
    • Structure negotiation including hallways & stairs
    • Patrol rifle deployment skills
    • Confined space applications
    • Decision making
    • Reactionary development
    • Moving & shooting

This course contains unique skill development components including live fire exercises to build reactionary skill and proficiency with the patrol rifle in confined space.

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