undercover-surveillance-trainingSURVEILLANCE TRAINING COURSE

Professional Solutions Group offers one of the most comprehensive surveillance training courses of its kind.  A cadre of accomplished subject matter experts possessing thousands of hours of surveillance field work have been assembled to share their proven techniques.

Innovative training methods combined with highly advanced technologies makes this 5-day course greatly beneficial to both the new & experienced surveillance operator.

  • Surveillance Training Course Topics include:
    • Definitions, types and levels of surveillance
    • Goals & objectives of surveillance operations
    • Terminology, preparation & pre-op planning
    • Operational challenges & considerations
    • Surveillance methods & detection avoidance techniques
    • Effective communication
    • Common surveillance pitfalls
    • Surveillance equipment & UC vehicle selection
    • Technical surveillance use including GPS tracking
    • Proper dress & demeanor
    • Environment & proximity awareness
    • Cover story considerations & use of props
    • Surveillance documentation
    • UC Lost contact drills
    • Advanced surveillance equipment demo & workshop

This course involves classroom learning and extensive reality based training. Scenario exercises progress in complexity and difficulty to achieve the participant’s full exposure to the challenges of extended surveillance operations.

Practical exercises include vehicle and foot surveillance, low-light operation, GPS unit placement, tracking and removal.

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